To promote social justice, mercy, and harmonious living; a society free from all sorts of social and gender inequalities, human rights abuse especially among the vulnerable groups of widows, orphans, older persons and people living with HIV/AIDS.

Seeking Justice and Loving Mercy – Isaiah 1:17

• To share the love of God in a practical way.
• Promote, protect and defend social justice, peace and security in the home, gender, and disability.
• Spiritual and economic empowerment of women, widows, orphans and other vulnerable groups.
• Prevention of HIV and relief of distress, poverty among people living with HIV/AIDS.
• To improve the living conditions of vulnerable groups by imparting basic literacy skills which enhance their understanding of issues concerning their well-being.
• Awareness of the nature, form, causes, and effects of domestic violence and appropriate solution; and legal rights as relates to marriage divorce, property and succession.